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Nuno felted scarf

Nuno felted scarf

SKU: NF-028

Nuno felted scarf, Felted wrap, Handmade felted scarf, Wool and silk scarf, Fine felted scarf, Wool scarf


Gorgeous felted blue scarf made in nunofelting technique. This elegant scarf is so bright, modest, and stylish.

The handmade scarf created with merino wool and pure Margelan silk, it is thin, gently soft and perfectly wraps and fits.

This wonderful scarf is godsend who loves bright and exquisite handmade items. Be bright and beautiful!



Length 74 inches

Width 19 inches

  • Return and Refund Policy

    Because we are selling unique design items, our return/refund policy is limited.
    Please see our FAQ pages for details.


  • Care tips:

    Not suitable for machine washing only hang washing in cool water (80-85F or 30-40C) using wool/silk detergent. Don't wring out.
    Roll up in towel to remove excess water then reshape and leave flat to dry. Iron on wool/silk mode.


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