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Felted Hat

Felted Hat

SKU: HB-06
Felted 100% wool hat. Retro hat, Great Gatsby style hat, Cloche and Brooch, Felted wool hat&Flower One of a kind, very elegant, light and soft hat in pastel color made in wet felting technique ( silk fibers and wool) Hat with brooch. Hat-cap style of the 1920s. Great Gatsby style Hat. Adapts to the head. It is hand felted, made using only natural materials: fine merino wool, pure silk and viscose fibers. Circumference: 22½ " - 22" ( 56 cm - 57 cm) Don't know how to measure your head? Wrap soft measuring tape around head, just above eyebrows and over the ears. To measure correctly make sure the tape lies flat and don't pull - this might give you a smaller size. If you need different size and color just let me know and I"ll try to help you.
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